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We love and care for all of our customers so we want them and the one they care about to get the best products with great quality always.  Our products are not just so wonderful but also healthy.


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We emphasize on the freshness of all of our produce from our own garden with the sense of true organic.

Our story

I’m Dow, the owner of Seed to Feed: Restaurant, Hydroponic Farm & The Shop and Seed to Feed Express.

Seed to Feed has its roots originating from the time I had gone to study and reside in Australia.  Approximately 15 years ago, I had gone abroad to study in Australia but after a few years I decided to come back to my hometown, Koh Phangan, in the beautiful country of Thailand.  Since I was young, my passion was always in hydrophobic farming and wanting to eat vegetables and fruits that are being grown naturally without the help of any pesticides so I have decided to start my own hydrophobic farm here in Koh Phangan.  At first, I cultivated the vegetables and fruits for my own personal consumption but shortly afterward many of the locals and through their word of mouth had asked to increase my production so that they can have a chance to enjoy organic fresh fruits and vegetables from my farm as well.

I thus put all of my efforts into growing my vegetables, herbs, fruits, edible flowers and sprouted seeds.  My endeavors were successful and finally I have obtained the GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) license issued by Thailand Ministry of Agriculture.

As the farm grew, a nice addition of hen house was added not just for the purpose  of making fresh eggs but also to create compost and be able to process damaged vegetables to recycle so nothing is thrown away or being wasted.  We recycled everything!  The hens are being fed with the outdated vegetables  and animal’s dropping is being used to make the compost which is being used as fertilizer.

 After three years of successfully opening the hydrophobic farm,  the idea of opening a restaurant and fresh smoothie bar became increasingly attractive.  With the aid of my family, we had successfully built the wooden tables for our customers and of course the beautiful open-styled kitchen with smoothie bar amidst nature and trees.  Also, I have applied many decorations that belong to my family which some had been passed on from generation to generation.  We gave those items a “second life.”  The restaurant atmosphere is warm, inviting and relaxing surrounded by nature.  The dim light in the evening gave it a romantic and soothing touch.

Finally, after the successful launch of the hydrophobic farm and the restaurant, I have decided to launch my shop, Seed to Feed Express.  Most of our products in the shop came fresh from our farm including fresh veg, fruits, herbs, teas, roasted coffee beans and more.  Additionally, we brought in many handmade items from local artists, something for you and also your home such as the well-known Thai classical perfume (Nam Proong) with different aromas from Jasmine, Lotus and more traditionally Thai flowery scents.  Our goal is always to provide all of our customers with the best products that are exclusively made by Seed to Feed Express.

Seed to Feed Express offers the exciting idea of the “Experience & Memory” Gift box full of goodies from our shop to show your receivers how much you care for them by wanting them to live a happier and more healthy lifestyle.

“It’s Not Just A Simple Gift Box But It’s A Gift To Remember”

“A Gift from Us To You; From You to Your Receiver”

Products From Our Farm

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